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Service Excellence is in our DNA

From Roots to Virtues and Expertise

As a Swissport International Ltd. business line we started out in 2001 at the Nice Côte d’Azur Airport. By following schedules to the second, meeting every request detail precisely and offering expert ground handling from personal service to tailored assistance with a personal touch, we open horizons at the ground. Today we handle more than 24,000 flights per year from over 90 bases.

About our Virtues

With a Swiss parent company it’s in our corporate genes to be on time, precise, efficient, reliable and discreet. Corporate qualities shared by our service professionals worldwide to make the airport time of our passengers short and valuable. Virtues based on what we became and what we are – a premium provider, setting standards in the business aviation ground handling industry.

About our Expertise

With headquarters in Zurich, Swissport Executive Aviation is the sole FBO provider being present at all main international Swiss airports – Geneva, Zurich and Basel.

In addition we have FBOs in Nice, Casablanca and Cork. In 2019, we will be operating FBOs in Rabat, Tangier, Marrakech and Auckland as well, bringing the total number of FBOs to ten for our business line.

Our network connects customers with more than 90 destinations, 25 countries and all continents. Our dedicated teams of carefully selected service executives in Algeria, Argentina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Costa Rica, Cyprus, the Dominican Republic, Finland, Israel, Japan, Kenya, Oceania, the Republic of Korea, Tanzania and South Africa offer all ground handling products and luxury services – wherever you want to go.

And we are still growing based on your demand. So where do you want us next?

About our Roots

Backed up by the world’s largest provider of ground and cargo handling services in the aviation industry, Swissport International Ltd, we share one DNA, experience and facilities. It’s an invaluable partnership to drive business forward in all directions, on all continents.

Swissport International Ltd provides services on behalf of some 850 client companies and handles around 265 million passengers and 4.7 million tons of air cargo annually at 133 warehouses worldwide. With a workforce of 68,000, the world market leader in ground handling and air cargo services is active at 315 airports in 50 countries worldwide.